Is the paint on your house starting to peel. Not sure why since its only been 4 years! Dependable Construction understands your pain. Well, here are a few things all homeowners need to consider. First homeowners need to understand the various types of paint that have been applied to your house over the years and how they work together.

There are many reason as to whats causing the paint to peel. Peeling paint may be symptomatic of a house with too much moisture inside. As the warm, moist indoor air passes through the interior walls and hits cold exterior walls, it condenses into water, causing the exterior paint to start bubbling which leads to peeling.

Trapping moisture

Slapping new siding on a weeping house will only trap moisture like a plastic bag. This will damage an old house by creating an ideal habitat for wood destroying insects like termites, and cause the material underneath to decay faster. Over time, this problem can become very serious, with the growth of mold spreading into the interior of the house. This can cause headaches and breathing problems and should be addressed to fix the problem. In many areas like bathroom a simple exhaust fan. If it’s happening in the attic a roof mounted power fan can help eliminate the problem. Others have the issue in crawl spaces, having another window added helps to circulate the air better.

For help with any of these issues its best to contact a professional like Dependable Construction to assist and direct you to the best solution(s).



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