It happens right after a wet winter. You know the green or brownish stuff growing on your roof. It can look real horrible and in some cases create big problems with your roof if not taken care of.

Why do roofs turn green?

We have found in our area that moss, algae and lichen have more of a chance to growing on the north side of a roof. We live in the northern hemisphere, and because of this, our steeper roofs don’t see enough sun to dry out, or tree block the sun. These areas of the roof stay damp and wet which helps in the spreading of that ugly green stuff. Algae is a plant and loves damp shaded areas like roofs that are shaded by a large tree or is covered with debris.

Algae can grow on any type of roof, so a regular roof maintenance program is highly advised. Using a certified roofing contractor to clean off the algae and do any repairs that may be needed would be a good idea. It’s best to do it at the end of the fall season. This means the leaves have all fallen and your roof will be all cleaned of debris and ready for the winter.

Dependable Construction only installs GAF StainGuard® because it has a warranty against algae discoloration for 10 years. Always make sure the shingles have the StainGuard® logo. For more information please visit the GAF website.

This will help if you having your roof replace through the insurance company, paying out of pocket or with a new construction roof. It would also be smart to zinc strips installed at the same time, this will help reduce the growth of algae for infested areas after the zinc is gone in the shingles. The roof installed zinc strips, have a reaction when mixed with rain water. The zinc precipitates a mixture of fluid that organic materials do not like and thus helps stop those green roofs. Contact a certified roofing contractor for advice and installation.


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