What is the best roof I can buy? Dependable Construction, gets asked this question many times a year sadly this can be difficult to answer. Choosing a roofing system for your residential home can be very difficult because of the many different designs of homes and where they are located. Climates and region may dictate what type of asphalt shingle you use. An example would be an area where sustained high winds are common, having a better wind warranty on the roofing shingle would be a better choice.

The best roof you can buy needs to be researched by you the homeowner, unless you trust your roofing contractor to pick the product that is best for you from his experience in the success or failures of roofing products in your region. That’s right, failures. Over the years there have been manufactures that come up with a new style or fancy niche only to have problems a few years later. They all have done it like CertainTeed and GAF. Sometimes this leaves the homeowner and the contractor to deal with the problems and sometimes litigation. When buying a shingle there are two questions to ask yourself.

  • How long am I going to live in the house?

Most people when plan on staying in the house for just a few years, they may think to put a lesser quality roof that will save money-but consider this. When you go to sell your home later you may not get your full investment back but it is a fact that homes with a better roof with curb appeal sells faster. A GAF certified roof comes with a transferable warranty to the new owner, this is a once time transfer. So having a good roof with a warranty adds value to the home and while living there, even for a short while you can enjoy it, having “peace of mind” living under a good roof.

  • What type of roofs have the neighbors installed?

The saying “Keeping up with the Jones” is not a bad idea. The one odd house in the neighborhood can be an eye sore, good looking or bad. Every neighborhood has one, if you think yours doesn’t then it may be your house J. In our opinion that the roof should blend in with neighbors. If tile is common use tile. If metal use metal. This goes for Asphalt Shingle use the same style of asphalt shingles and pick a color that goes well with the brick or siding.

To buy the best roof money can buy and install it without a good roofing system below is a waste of money. The top side of the roof is just one component of the roof. Ask Dependable Construction to explain the details of a total roofing system. Having a good roofing system below the roof along with proper installation is the best roof you can buy. One of the key component’s to a roofing system in the ice & water shield and underlayment. One that has the following:

  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Class A.
  • Class 4 Hail Rating.
  • Light & strong.
  • Synthetic construction inert to mold growth
  • Cool surface, that doesn’t expand or contract

The shingles, tile, metal or any other type of roofing you use is just a part of a roofing system. Remember including synthetic underlayment as a part of your roofing system is one way to buy the best roof.


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