Are you looking to upgrade your Commercial or Residential siding? Learn why Dependable Construction likes Hardie Board Siding and why it’s ideal for your next home project.

When Property Owners consider all the different building materials on the market available to them today. They’ll see that sustainable building products might not be the first thing that comes to mind. When Property Owners think about helping the environment they usually imagine themselves recycling, driving a hybrid car or using wind or solar power, not using sustainable shingles. However, “green and sustainable” building products are one way that Property Owners can be kind to the environment while beautifying their homes.

Not every cement siding contractor offers a way to create more sustainable homes like this, but it has become an ever growing trend. Hopefully the long-term positive effect of this trend will help the environment. By using the James Hardie brand of cement siding, also known as HardieBoard®, Property Owners are guaranteed a beautiful and durable exterior that meets the building industry’s standards of sustainability.

Why choose James Hardie Siding® for your next home improvement project?

  • Because their materials last longer, they require infrequent replacement and reduced maintenance over time
  • The raw materials used to make cement siding are low in toxicity, using only water, sand, wood pulp and cement.
  • ColorPlus® technology gives James Hardie Siding® a baked-on paint finish that has a 15-year finish warranty and reduces the need for repainting
  • James Hardie Siding® uses ten different manufacturing facilities, located strategically across the country, to reduce the carbon emissions caused by transporting heavy materials over long distances.

As a cement siding contractor Dependable Construction, is pleased to offer their customers the kind of building materials that will reduce the environmental impact in a number of ways.
The materials are non-combustible, according to ASTME-16 ratings, and because they are not made from wood, cement siding panels use fewer natural resources.

What about windows you ask.

It’s funny how windows aren’t often noticed until you replace them. Dependable Construction is amazed at how excited their customers are when they first see their new windows installed. Not only do they add beauty to any home but great curb appeal. Vinyl windows are a great way to improve your home’s insulation and reduce energy costs. Expertly installed, high-quality vinyl windows are an excellent choice for your next home project.

Vinyl will never pit or flake off like aluminum windows and it never requires repainting. Unlike wood windows, they require very little maintenance other than the occasional washing. Look for a grade of windows that offers superior thermal performance and easy operation. Your investment in new vinyl windows will pay off in many ways over the coming years, and many Property Owners have found that they practically pay for themselves as a long-term investment.


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