When it comes time for a customer of Dependable Construction to place their property on the market they always ask a ton of questions. Most common question we hear is “What home features are more desirable to buyers right now, and what is the ROI.

Each year we ask asked this question may provide a different answer as the trends change. So we speak in general terms.

Let’s say you’ve tried to sell your home over the past few years and couldn’t get any offers that came close to the asking price. I saw this with the neighbor beside me and two doors down but other side of the street. Unfortunately, our properties aren’t in the area cause the to go more quickly. Also were currently not in a seller’s market, but a buyers market. Giving the buyer more power , causing them to be more picky. It may be hard right now to fetch the right price you want, but if your home has what buyers are looking for, you might even get more than your asking price.

Dependable Construction has found that while certain home features are more desirable to some buyers, they won’t appease all. There are also certain improvements that can fetch you a premium price when a bidding war starts, over the years I have been in a couple myself.

Here are the top 8 recommendations on areas to start improving so a bidding war can start.

  1. Kitchen: The kitchen is a major selling point for a home, and its appearance and layout can often be a make-or-break for buyers. It’s possible to replace just the counter-tops and key appliances, fixtures and have the cabinets refaced. The good news is that most of the money spent on a new kitchen will be recouped at the time of sale, give sellers the best ROI.
  2. Bathrooms: Along with kitchens, bathrooms get a lot of use. New paint and new/upgraded fixtures can go a long way.
  3. Basement: Make the most of this bonus space by having it finished if it not.
  4. New Siding: What is one of the biggest contributors to curb appeal? A clean and well coordinated exterior takes one of the biggest home improvement worries off a buyer’s mind.
  5. Windows: Installing replacement windows can be a win for everyone. Currently the government is offer energy tax credits, benefiting the seller. And the buyer get to enjoy a lower home energy bills.
  6. Front entry doors: Installing a high-quality entry door is one of the simplest improvements and it delivers the right impression as they drive by or are walking up to the door.
  7. Decks: One of the least expensive ways to add value to a properties back yard is by adding a deck. Whenever possible, use composite deck material, this provides the buyer with less maintenance and offers the best ROI.
  8. Backup power generator: Our country’s aging electrical grid has recently left thousands of homeowners without power for several days with a the storms we see here in Ohio. Investing in a generator that kicks on when powers out can be a great up-sell. The buyer can see how this will help heat or cool the house while waiting for the main power to come back on.

Our area is competitive real estate market! Sometimes the prices are sluggish, these upgrades will help make your property stand out against the others on the market. For all your home improvement projects Dependable Construction is right there to assist you.



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