A leaky basements is a problem every homeowner just dreads. They bring horror stories of structural damage, mold, and ruined belongings if not dealt with correctly. So knowing what to do when your basement STARTS leaking will make a significant difference in just how much damage is done. The experts at Dependable Construction & Remodeling, understand the importance of taking the right steps to recover from a basement leak. That’s why we’re here to provide the following tips for restoring a basement back to its clean, dry environment.

Identify The Source: In order to stop the leak, a homeowner must first determine exactly where it’s coming from. This requires identifying the source and establishing whether it’s coming from somewhere outside, like your windows, gutters, roof, or somewhere inside, such as plumbing pipes. This will also help determine what kind of professional assistance you need.

Do What’s Possible To Contain The Leak: If your gutters don’t seem to be draining properly, it may help to clean them out. If the roof is the source, place a tarp over the entry point so no more water can get in once a roofing professional can come and fix it. Should it be the windows place towels around the sill to absorb the water.

Remove Personal Possessions From The Situation: Most homeowners use the basement for extra storage or living space, so it’s critical all valuable and sentimental possessions be removed from the area to prevent water damage and mold growth.

Call A Professional For Help: Once the leak has been contained, homeowner’s will need to call for additional help to permanently take care of it. It may involve the need for a roof repair, basement waterproofing, or plumbing contractor.


The worst thing a homeowner could do is ignore the signs of a basement leak. Call Dependable Construction & Remodeling at 937.318.9572 or visit their website & Facebook for more information on all the services we have available.

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