“Storm chasers” or “fly by night roofers” because they conveniently knock on your door right after bad weather has hit your area. They fly in doing tons of work with low quality material then fly out once the work has dried up. They come at the most convenient time, often delivering false promises of repairing your roof at a low cost, it’s easy to buy into them. However, quality workmanship and continuous support from your contractor, should be more important.

Dependable Construction & Remodeling is a trusted construction and remodeling expert and one of the best in the area. Let us share some tips to avoid being a victim of storm chasers:

loanwarn#1. Never Make Full Payments Upfront

Be wary of roofers who demand full payment for your roof upfront. A reliable contractor should has credit account with many different supplier and be able to supply all material upfront. Don’t let a company pressure you into signing a contract. A homeowner should have peace of mind knowing that your roof is in good hands.

#2. Be Present

Some companies would try to earn extra money from you by faking storm damage by bending and/or removing shingles. Hitting the shingles with hammers or even golf balls. What most of these companies don’t understand is that adjuster are trained to look for these types of damage. You can ensure that doesn’t happen by not allowing anyone onto your property without you present. We ensure the person inspection is a licensed adjuster just like the one that will be viewing your roof from the insurance company.

building-permit#3. Pull Permits and Licenses

A legitimate company should be able to present all necessary building permits prior to doing your project.  Not all cities and/or townships require this, but if they do the company should be able to provide them. You would also want to check your community’s local licensing board and state attorney general’s office for any complaints or disciplinary action. Also check with your local BBB and see if their an accredited member. A great place to also start for finding a company is “The Christian Blue Pages”

#2. Know Your Contractor


Before allowing your contractor access to your home, you have to get to know them first. Ask for the company’s address, contact numbers and website address. Visit the physical office, if possible. You’ll also want to confirm with their insurance and bonding companies if their liability policies are big enough for your project.

Note that some storm chasers may try to appear homegrown by setting up a temporary office or using a local company’s name. Make sure to check their service vehicles for out-of-state license plates.

To help avoid these you can always call Dependable Construction & Remodeling for prompt, reliable, and high-quality services. Call us today at (937) 318.9572

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