Dependable Construction believes there are many factors that can determine when and how homeowners should replace their roof. Below are a few things homeowners should consider if their thinking it may be time to replace their roof:

 Geographic location.

Do you live by the water or in an open field? Is your property located in area that regularly experiences high winds? If so, you may want to consider higher grade materials for your roof, in lieu of basic 3-tab shingles most contractors are installing. If you live by the ocean, salt water is also an important factor, as it can affect metal, so if metal is used you should consult with your roofing contractor on their recommendations.


If money is an object, the most popular, economical choice for a residential reroof is an architectural style shingle. This product is a step up from the basic 3-tab shingle. Although 3-tab shingles can provide a good quality roof, they’re not manufactured to can withstand winds over 60 mph, whereas an architectural roof can withstand up to 130 mph, when installed correctly and as a full roofing system. The difference in price for your investment is usually worth the upgrade if that increase can be accommodated by your budget.

Pitch of the roof.

Pitch or slope (steepness) of your roof, or certain portions of your roof, plays a major role in what type of roof will best perform on that surface. Anything from flat to a 3:12 pitch is considered a low slope roof and should, in almost all cases, receive a membrane roofing system of some kind for best performance. There are many different types.

How long you plan on living in the home, is it a rental?

People who plan to live in a property for several years typically tend to invest a little more in their roof system so that it will not need to be replaced as frequently. When replacing the roof on a rental property, the decision to go with a lower or higher grade material depends on what you are looking for as far as your return on investment.

Look & style of the roof system.

Luxury shingles, metal, flat, slate, and specialty materials all have a unique appearance. Choose a roof system that will not only last, but that compliments the appearance of the property. Take time to view the other roofing systems in your neighborhood. What’s installed on them? Will your systems match with the other or stick out like a sore thumb.

 Tearing off old roof vs. roofing over.

Dependable Construction doesn’t recommend installing new shingles over old shingles. It is important to inspect the wood deck to ensure that the new roof is being installed over a sound structure. Shingles are an extremely heavy property, and building on a structure that cannot support the weight of the materials can be dangerous. Roofing over a previously installed roof can be considered under certain circumstances, usually with flat roof systems, and when installing a metal roofing system over shingles, but always consult with your roofer contractor for the best solution.


Homeowner should never wait too long to replace a roof. Leaks can form on any roof can lead to rotten and deteriorated sheathing, which adds up in the end. Having your roof replace ahead of time can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.



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