The roofing contractors at Dependable Construction & Remodeling often hear the question, “Can this wait until spring?” While having work done on your roof doesn’t sound like a task meant for winter, there are times when roof repair simply can’t wait until the season changes. Dependable Construction & Remodeling is one of Dayton, Ohio’s number one roofing companies, and we’re here to explain the pros and cons of winter roof repair.

The Pros:

Ohio winters may be cold, but summers are equally as hot. If it’s 85 degrees on the ground, the temperature on your roof could easily surpass 115 degrees. Sunburn, sunstroke, and heat exhaustion are all serious conditions that every roofer battles during the summer. As long as the temperature hasn’t hit freezing, many roofers prefer working in winter when the air is cooler. Having roof work done during this time will also save you money. Many roofing companies work year-round, with winter being their slowest season. To encourage business, they often offer discounts and promotional sales during this time.

The Cons:

It is dangerous for roofers to work in extreme heat, but it’s also dangerous for them to work in extreme cold. Roofers need full control of their fingers and toes, and both cold temperatures and bulky winter gear will limit their movement. Having to take the time to break off ice or shovel snow will also make the project take longer and cost you more money. In addition to affecting the efficiency of the crew, cold temperatures also negatively affect tools and materials. Compressors and nail guns need constant adjustment in cold weather and shingles become brittle, making them easier to break.


The best way to determine when you should have work done on your roof is to talk to a professional roofing expert. Get more roofing advice from Dependable Construction & Remodeling by calling (937) 318.9572, or visit their Facebook page to learn more about their roofing services.


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