Dependable Construction knows that your roof is one of the first barriers of defense against the harsh Ohio elements when it comes to your home or business. Flashing is an essential part of every roofing system. When flashing is installed correctly, it is essential preventing water intrusion at those various locations on the roof. As a homeowner you may be asking yourself “What is flashing”. Let’s take a minute to learn and understand.

What is flashing?

The protective seal that prevents water intrusion at areas such as skylights, chimneys, dormers, roof to wall areas and vents is called flashing. Flashing is a critical preventive measure for moisture damage where water is most prone to penetrate a roof’s surface.

Where is flashing important?

Flashing is important at all roof penetrations, including edges, valleys, joints and any grooves, gaps, intersections and projections on the roof of any structure.

How can improper flashing damage my roof?

Dependable Construction has seen this all to often. Poor or improper flashing can lead to premature deterioration at roof joints, so it is imperative to have flashing installed correctly when a new roof is installed.  Having it done right the first time is one of the best things you can do to preserve your investment.


If you would like to have you property inspected to ensure that all the flashing is installed correct and isn’t damaged in any way call Dependable Construction today at (937) 318.9572. You can also visit us on Facebook to keep up with the latest jobs we are working on.

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