Many home-owners think it is a simple thing to rent a dumpster, gets some buddies together and tear off the roof. This is a great way to save some money – right? Dependable Construction make it look easy but the removal of an old roofing system is probably the hardest thing about the roofing process there is, for the following reasons.

  1. Friends helping you tear off the roof exposes them and yourself to injury
  2. If things don’t go right and the tear-off drags out, you may be finishing it alone.
  3. Leaving the roof torn off and exposed to the climate is very risky.
  4. When friends get involved someone always brings beer which can be a disaster high on a roof.
  5. Locating a good place for a heavy dumpster is very important.
  6. Placing the dumpster in the driveway, close enough to toss shingles into it, will restrict any garage access.
  7. Having a dumpster in the driveway full of roofing shingles, waiting to be picked up, also blocks the access for any materials to be delivered up to the roof.

We been asked many times by personal homeowners, and owners of rental property “if I tear off my roof, will you come in afterwards and install the roof of me”. For the very reasons above, we strongly advise against it. The timing of everything that happens on a roof is important and very difficult, because of this, a contractor will have a hard time trusting the customer to get the tear off done in a timely manner as planned, or even get done correctly.

Dependable Construction uses their own dumpsters. The average roof is stripped in just a few hours plus the clean-up. Our dumpster is then hauled away to the dump while the shingles dropped and installation started. The installation is also normally completed in just a few hours.


To have your roofing project done right call Dependable Construction. We are a trusted contractor in Dayton, OH. We specializes in many different home improvement projects, including but not limited to roofing, siding, decks, windows, Skylights, drywall, painting and gutters. We can help you turn any house into your dream home while only using the highest-quality materials and best workmanship in the area. Most roofs are completed in the same day.


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