Standing Seam roofs aren’t for every home or office building or every owner, but they are one of the most high quality roof systems you can install. Also, they are becoming more popular partly because of the rising cost of petroleum causing fiberglass asphalt shingle roof prices to climb over the last several years. A standing seam metal roof can seriously enhance the structural integrity and look of your home or business. It comes in steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel, just to name a few, And Dependable Construction installs then all.

All of these are at least a 50 year roof system and are considered a lifetime roof. Why you may be asking? Well for one thing they are made of metal. Metal of course is rigid and strong so it does not damage easily and can give you a very high wind rating. In most cases it is screwed down with hidden fasteners so the elements never get to these screws and cause corrosion. You can use as many screws as you want to make it very wind worthy.

The technicians at Dependable Construction are metal roof mechanics and sheet metal mechanics who are highly specialized so they know how to custom fabricate and install every roof as per the particular building design. They are among the most technical workers in all of construction, and aren’t scared of heights either, what roofer is right?

Although standing seam metal roofs are put on many commercial and residential buildings, as the main roof system they are also used to accent other types of roofs like shingles, tile, shakes, and slate roofs. Many times, bay windows, return roofs and bird walk roofs have metal on them. Some shopping centers have them on the front canopy to draw the eye of tenants and customers. Beach houses and cottages use them for wind resistance and high end aesthetics. High rise buildings and church steeples have them because their owners never want to replace their roofs after original construction.

The main thing is that if you put a metal roof on your home or business, it will perform very well and will be the last one you ever install, no matter how old you are. So picking the right contractor like Dependable Construction is very important. Call us today at (937) 318.9572 to learn more about their roofing services & more. You can also visit us on Facebook to keep up with the latest jobs we are working on, be sure to like the page.


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