Single Ply Roofing, What Architects should ask before they Specify.

Many of the modern single ply roofing membranes on the market today are perceived as being the same. In fact, as far as performance and accreditation’s are concerned, that’s probably true. But it isn’t the whole story.

Specifiers are beginning to understand that the core difference between these products isn’t really the membranes themselves. What matters is the rest; everything that goes towards the product being installed correctly, efficiently and reliably on their projects, time after time.

This is the case whether you are in a design team for a main contractor (an increasingly strong influence as far as specification is concerned), an architect in a more traditional role, or the client themselves.

The Design & Build world we live in might suggest that price is the key to choosing membranes. But price should never be the main consideration for any product. A good quality team are actually looking at value not price, and value has to include the entire process and outcomes, maximizing returns and minimizing risk.

What to ask about Single Ply Roofing Membranes

Assuming the correct accreditation’s are available, here are the key things to consider when specifying single ply membranes, and the key questions you should ask your supplier or manufacturer before you decide on a product.

  1. Quality of Installers

The quality of the product is only ever as good as the guys who install it on your roof. How do you know that your roofing contractor does good quality work? Typically, if a roofing system fails, it is the product that is blamed at first, but poor installation is much more likely to be the cause.

  1. Stock Availability and Logistics

The best, cheapest product in the world is no good if your contractor can’t get it when he needs it. Materials must be available for purchase and delivered on time, with consistency. If delays mean your project can’t be completed on time this can cause significant problems, every day a hotel cannot open, for example, will cost thousands of dollars.

  1. Technical Support

Even the best and most experienced contractor can come across problematic situations on the roof. Design support is vital, not only in the early stages but right into the contract. During the Design & Build process designs are often altered during construction. You need a technical specialist to make sure the right decisions are made when that happens, or things can get very expensive.

  1. Site Inspections

Don’t underestimate the importance of face-to-face site visits between the product supplier and contractor. No matter how experienced the installer, each roofing installation must be policed responsibly, otherwise all the training in the world can count for nothing.

  1. On-going Contractor Training

Products change all the time, and new improved methods are installing them continue to become available. Our weekly on-going training programmed ensure that contractors are up to speed with the latest approved methods. Make sure your products will be installed with this level of expertise.

  1. Products and Supplier Track Record

The company you are working with and the product they are supplying has to have credibility, because your reputation is going to be riding on that choice. So, make sure you are satisfied with the credibility of both the company who are delivering the product, and the product itself. Find out what third parties you can talk to who can satisfy you of this.

We hope these questions will help you make the right choice of Single Ply roofing membranes. For help call you can visit us here, we provide positive answers to all these questions. Call us on 937.318.9572 if you are considering a new metal roofing system for your home or office. You can also check us out on Facebook to see current jobs going on.

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