The question about paying a deposit for a roof will depend on the contractor choose and if you trust him to perform the roofing services contracted for. Some contractors will ask for a deposit, some ask for progress payments and some roofing contractors ask for nothing but a payment at the end of the roofing project.

During the meetings with your roofing contractors you will get a feeling of like, dislike, trust and a general opinion the helps you choose who to award the job too. As the price is discussed, payment or payments should be included in the contract so both parties understand clearly. It is our opinion a roof deposit should, if asked for, be enough to get the project started. Plans, paperwork, permits, and maybe roof removal. Then after materials are delivered a progress payment for them is reasonable. Try not to pay for materials or work not yet done. Never pay for a roof in full up front. Dependable Construction only collects a check for the roof once the material has shown up and the crew has started. That shows our customers that we have already footed the bill for material and plan to see the project through till the end.

Having an open mind and a full understanding of the scope of work is important. Some roofing projects only last 1-2 days, some can last longer. Remember the contractor is trusting you to pay for the roof, as you are trusting them to put on a good roof. Thousands of dollars can be spent before and in the first days of the roof being started. This can make a roofer very nervous since most of the time they are purchasing the roofing materials for you. If you do not pay them, the first step for them is they’ll have the supplier collect. At the same they’ll place a lien on your property. We never blame a contractor for asking these cost to be paid for up front. Some laws allow a roofer to collect a deposit and progress payments but every state is different. It is up to you to know the law.

It is a good idea to keep records of the deposits and payments made. Never pay cash for any of these. Change orders can get confusing and should also be in writing. Keeping the payments made clear keeps the job from delays and frustration. If you like a contractor but don’t feel comfortable giving a deposit, just ask. There are a lot of great roofers out there. They work hard, have built great businesses and have many happy customers. Some ask for a deposit and some don’t. Just make sure you take the steps to protect yourself.


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