Dependable Construction would like to remind everyone that since the roofing season is now in full swing to avoid “Storm Chasers” & roofing scammers. Here are 10 ways homeowners get scammed.


  1. As soon as homeowners enter an agreement with the roofer, they pay him in full or give him cash. NEVER pay in cash, with cash there is no record of the transaction.
  2. When the contractor comes to their house, homeowners don’t ask for his license number and don’t check it to see if it is good standing. Remember not all states require a license, so check to see if the company is a member of the BBB.
  3. Believe the manufactures lifetime shingle warranty covers the labor if there is a problem.
  4. Homeowners never ask for a lien release when paying for the roof. Surely all the materials delivered to your home got paid by your roofer. Should the company not pay their supplier they will place a lien on your property.
  5. Homeowners just assume all workers on your roof are employees and not sub-contractors. Now there is nothing wrong with sub-contractor. But you want to make sure that the company has them covered should they fall off your roof.
  6. Homeowners don’t ask about extra work done like dry rot repairs, assume that a little extra work is included in the contract.
  7. Homeowners don’t get the project start and finish date in writing.
  8. Allow your mother or Grandma negotiate a contract by herself. Nobody takes advantage of the elderly right?
  9. Homeowners trusting their contractor with just a verbal agreement or hand shake. Always take the extra time to get the details in writing.
  10. Homeowners forget to ask about any general liability insurance. Cause nothing could go wrong on your roof right?


OK, by now I’m sure there are a couple people laughing and giggling about these 10 subjects and many more have been the cause of a dispute between a roofer and client. There are a lot of great roofers out there. They work hard, have built great businesses and have many happy customers but don’t be fooled there are a few bad ones. So don’t think it can’t happen to you and that there is no reason to be concerned. The bottom line is, get all the details written and included on a sign contract. Don’t let your payments get ahead of the work performed. Investigate the roofing company you are considering. Ask what other sub-contractors will be on the jobs and investigate them also. Make sure your materials are paid for prior to making a final payment. Make sure you’re happy before final payment is made.


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