We know homeowners ask this question allot. We believe the answer depends on 2 factors, how much research have you done on the company and how big is the job. Some contractors ask for deposits, some don’t. Whatever you agree on, make sure it is in the contract, so both parties understand. Some contractors will require scheduled payments. Dependable Construction requires a down payment once materials have been delivered to your house. This shows we plan to do the job and have spent more on the material that was delivered that the down payment.

What is a deposit for a roof? “It is a pledge to the roofing contractor to purchase a roof.” Some contractors will use these funds to get the job started. Processing the job in the office, purchasing permits, beginning labor costs for roof removal and ordering roofing materials delivered to the job site.  Depending on the size of the roof a contractor can easily spend a few thousand dollars, just getting a roofing project started.

On an average size roof, that just takes a few days, most contractors may ask for a small deposit and the balance on completion. Some may just ask for the full payment at the end of the job. On a larger job that may last a month or two, a deposit and progress payments may be outlined in a contract to secure large orders of materials and labor expenses. Before you get ready to pay a deposit remember this, always write a check for any payments made. This is a record of money paid for your roof, where cash is more difficult to track if something goes wrong and a dispute arises. Never get ahead of the work done. This means at the time of signing a contract the contractor has very little expenses, other than advertising to get you to call him, and the estimating costs.

So now it comes down to trust. Do you trust your contractor? Have you done the research on their license, registration and reputation? Have you taken the time to read any of their online reviews? If you feel good about hiring them, then a deposit is in order. If you choose to hire an unlicensed roofer, or one that’s not certified to install the manufactured brand being installed on your roof, maybe a deposit of any size is unwise.

Now let’s look at the flip side of this. You are the one that called them. Why should they fund your roof project 100% and take that risk of not getting paid? Trust us, having laid out tens of thousands of dollars in materials and labor and to be at the mercy of someone not managing their money correctly is un-nerving, and we’ve seen it happen. It is you requesting the roofing services and the comfort level the roofing contractor has with you, may dictate what the deposit may be.


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