At Dependable Construction, homeowners will always get the personal attention they need to make the best decision about their replacement windows.

If you are looking for a way to spend that tax refund, then replacement windows might be the perfect home improvement.  But even the best laid plans never come to fruition unless you find a good contractor.  In Dayton homeowners look no further than, Dependable Construction. They have built a reputation on being one of the most reliable contractors in the Dayton area. They believe that when it comes to choosing a contractor it’s important to ask a lot of questions.

Getting new windows is not just a simple matter of finding a contractor and writing a check. You will need to be involved in some very important decisions about the windows you choose. One of the most important reasons to have replacement windows installed is to improve the energy efficiency of your home by decreasing the loss of hot and cold air through the windows, but with so many brands on the market today and hundreds of options to choose from, the number of decisions can be mind boggling.

When searching for replacement windows, you may find two technical terms to describe the quality of the windows. These are the “U” factor and the “R” factor.  The “U” factor measures the transfer of energy and the “R” factor measures the window’s ability to contain energy.  Ideally, replacement windows should have the lowest “U” factor and the highest “R” factor possible.

If you need to replace existing windows, you will first want to look at the frames to see if they will also need to be replaced. This will determine whether you need a new construction window or a replacement window. Take a good look at the sill or the casing that runs along the bottom of the window frame. If there is any rot here you will want to replace the entire window, frame and all.

When you visit with a Dayton area window contractor, you will soon how many different types of replacement windows you can buy. Without an experienced window specialist, the process of choosing a window could be daunting. At Dependable Construction, you will get the personal attention you need to make the best decision about your replacement windows.



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