Last year we were asked by Mr. Young that we wanted to share with everyone. The Featured image are the old skylight that were on his house. They were replaced with new Velux solar open with solar blinds. “I have yellow water staining the ceiling near a recessed light.  I had another company come out and look at my roof and he said the roof was OK. He suggested to seal down a couple of shingles and replace the cracked pipe boot. After paying them the stain got worse with the next storm. My roof is 30 years old with 6 skylights near the leak. What do I do?”

Just because you see water stains in your ceiling near a light does not mean the moisture intrusion is because of the light. Water can flow sideways and downwards to seek a low area and when it finds a hole like a light it drips out at this spot. The leak it turned out was because of the age of the skylights the seals were going bad. So it’s always a good idea to have the leak checked out by a professional not a handyman. The second most common reason a skylight leaks is the flashing was poorly installed flashing.


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