Winter isn’t the best time to start a construction project. Summer seems to be the season to get all of your construction projects done. However, there are many pros to choosing to do a construction project in the winter. For most companies the work slows down, meaning prices come down. This can save homeowners money. Of course, there are some cons to doing construction in the winter as well. Dependable Construction knows the challenges of a deadline and how weather can often hold you back from completing the project. What many may not know is that winter can help to speed up the process.

Here are some cons to construction in the winter:

  1. Fewer day light hours to work with here is Ohio. What we would like to get done in a work day may not be plausible in the winter as it would be in the summer.
  2. Extra heating cost. You can’t be working in the cold without some type of heating element. Or inside on a new construction project that doesn’t have heat yet and we’re trying to do drywall work.
  3. Ground freezing… There might be some construction delays because of the ground being frozen. Dig post holes 3’ down through frozen ground is not at the top of our fun things to do list.

Here are some pros to construction in the winter:

  1. Contractors have more availability meaning homeowners can have more services done within the timeframe.
  2. Better Rates. The winter causes many construction to slow down, often causing rates to be lower. So, homeowners are able to save more money in the end.
  3. Permits are easier and faster to get. This one we really enjoy.

Whether its summer, winter, fall, or spring Dependable Construction is here to help you with all your needs. Construction doesn’t have to just be for the warmer months. At Dependable Construction we take our time in making sure that we bring your dreams and vision to life. Call us today at 937.318.9572

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