When it’s time to consider putting on a new roof on your home, it is important for the consumer to do a few things before the roofers show up at your house. Most people struggle with who to call. Dependable Construction is often asked by homeowner, if they really need a roof or can they get another year or two out of the current roof. We understand that a new roof is an expensive endeavor and choosing from all the different materials out there can be also very overwhelming. With a little preparation this chore can be easier and may save you some money on your roof replacement.

So let’s start with how to find a roofing contractor. The best place to start is if someone you know has recently used a roofer. They can share the good, bad and the ugly experience that they may have had. The next way to search for a contractor is accreditation. Most roofing material manufacturers have a preferred contractors list that have been trained in product knowledge and installation. These contractors have gone to the trouble of associating themselves with a manufacturer and thus, are on the cutting edge of new roofing products available, warranties and proper installation techniques and codes for the area you live. Search the manufacturers websites for these contractors, as they are normally pretty good roofers. Ask the local supply houses that sell roofing materials who they recommend. Having a few contractors that have good references saves you time dealing with “Chuck in a Truck” as Dependable Construction likes to call them.

The inspection of your roof should only be done by a professional.  For a small fee, you can have a home inspector evaluate the condition of the roof and take picture for you, and review the problems or points of interest on your roof. Since he is unbiased, you should be able to get an honest answer to the real condition of your roof. The more you know about your own roof before the roofing estimators show up, will help you pick the right contractor.

What type of shingles do I pick? Most people don’t know the difference or even care about the different shingles available. There are many differences between manufacturers like, different colors, designs and warranties. Most people pick from a few of the major brands. These shingle manufacturers all have wonderful websites with tons of information on their products and definitely can educate you in short period of time.

Being prepared with a few good contractors in your area in hand, understanding the condition of your roof and it’s needs, and having a shingle design and manufacturer picked out, gives you a big jump on the roofing project. The following is a list Dependable Construction believes you should ask every contractor;

  1. Do they have liability insurance?
  2. How many years of experience do they have?
  3. How many years have they been in business?
  4. Do they have any certifications from any roofing manufacturers?
  5. Have they installed the type of roofing you like?
  6. Can they provide a list of roofs in this area so you can could look at them?
  7. Will they be tearing off the old roof?
  8. Will it cover it the same day?
  9. Is clean up included in his bid?
  10. Will they replace old roof vents?
  11. Will there be a foreman on the project every day?
  12. What are their plans if we have bad weather?


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