Needing your windows replaced only gets more stressful as the weather gets colder, the holidays get nearer and you get busier. By calling a window replacement company like Dependable Construction to evaluate and replace your windows, you’ll be able to enjoy your time family and friends rather than worrying about one more home project.

The cold weather can leave homeowners fretting if they have windows that need to be repaired or updated. Windows from older houses can let cold air in, causing your home to be chilly and your heating bill to rise. If your windows are sticking and it’s hard to open them or close them, you can be stuck with an open window while the snow falls into your house. Maybe your windows easily slide open or don’t latch, and you don’t feel comfortable leaving town for the holidays with an unsecured house. No matter your reasoning, needing your windows replaced only gets more stressful as the weather gets colder, the holidays get nearer and you get busier.

How do I know that my windows need to be replaced?

There are a variety of ways to know that your windows need to be replaced, but a majority of them have to do with annoyances and worries that you might have concerning your comfort, safety and money. Some problems can wait if necessary, however if a window causes a safety issue with a home then replacing the window immediately is extremely important. If a window isn’t closing correctly or latching and locking, it can be a security problem. Especially during the winter when burglars are more likely to break into a home, you don’t want to make a burglary any easier for thieves. A broken window latch, especially on a window close to the ground floor, can mean a person can easily get into your house to take your things. Of course, this isn’t necessarily something that will happen, but why risk your or your family’s safety?

Why is it important to fix the windows before winter?

Obviously a person can fix his or her windows during any time of year, but it’s important to fix windows before winter when there are specific issues than can cause you to lose money or if it jeopardizes your comfort.

During the winter, bugs tend to make their way indoors as a last ditch effort to stay alive – especially during the heavy snow months we see here in Ohio. It’s not uncommon as the first frost hits to find more spiders than usual or for bugs like flies or wasps to be flying around. Many people think of flying bugs buzzing in a hot, dirty house during the summer, but during the winter bees come inside, too. If bugs don’t bother you, it may not be a priority, however it can cause major issues if bugs begin to infest your home. Especially with older windows, bugs can find ways to come in through a broken or old frame. They could even try to build a home in your wall or between the frame and the window, so keep this in mind if there are more bugs than you’re comfortable with in your home.

Bugs building homes in your walls sounds like an expensive extermination bill, but it could also mean you’re losing money on your energy bills. If your windows can let in bugs, it’s likely they’re letting in cold air, too. Do you ever walk by a window and feel a draft, or maybe a room filled with windows is always much, much cooler than the interior rooms of your house. If either one of these is the case, your heating bill in the winter is going to skyrocket. Having new windows installed can help you control that problem. Not only can you get double or triple pane glass to stop heat from escaping the house, but you can also make sure the framing is well insulated and that there is no seal issues. Replacement windows with new, insulated frames seal properly and resist heat transfer. That means savings for you.

Evaluate what can wait.

If you can’t replace windows before winter starts or don’t have the money to make your window replacements happen soon, it might be time to evaluate your window replacement options for the summer. If cold air can leak in during the winter, that means hot air will leak in during the summer as well, so fixing the window sooner rather than later will save money long term.

Accessibility can be an issue during the summertime as well. Most times when it’s time to wash the windows, it’s during the summer and that’s when you realize how not fun it is to use a ladder to wash a window on the third story of your home. Replacing older windows with ones that can lift our or swing in will make cleaning much less stressful. Plus, since you’ll be able to clean the windows from the inside, they will be able to be cleaned in the winter, whereas you might usually use a hose which isn’t advisable during cold weather.

Finally, warm weather means opening the windows and taking in the beautiful weather and nature. Often times if windows are older, there are no screens or there may not be a way to open the window at all. If this is the case and it is something you hope to be able to do in the future, considering replacing the windows in the summertime might be a good plan. Without a screen bugs or birds can easily come inside, so this is a good alternative to keep outside critters actually outside.

Making a decision on whether or not to replace your windows before winter is in full force is best decided a quality window replacement company like Dependable Construction. A professional who is based the Dayton area, therefore will know the risks of waiting until after winter is over to replace windows or if it needs to happen right away, so it’s best to get a consultation before making a final decision.



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