Did shingles blow off your roof during the last high winds in our area? Millions of dollars are spent each year, by the insurance companies because of high wind damaged caused on roofs. Did you know that if your roof shingles are not nailed correctly, you could have avoided roof warranty? Dependable Construction has on staff licensed adjusters who answer many questions about blown off shingles. It seems the most common roof type to be effected by high winds is the 3 tab asphalt shingle. This is not because the manufacture has defective shingles but the major cause is contractor incorrectly nailing them.

Most roofing installers are paid by the square (roofing term for 10’x10’ area) and will most likely continue to be paid that way. This basically means, if the roofer installs the roof faster he makes more money. It is not hard to figure out that speed does not necessarily mean skill. Proper placement of the nails takes knowledge, training, skill and years of experience to acquire. That’s why Dependable Construction takes the time to ensure their roofers are trained to place the nails in the correct area of the shingle, every job site has a foreman, and the sales consulted will inspect the work during installation, so poor nailing is not an issue. There are many untrained installers in our area that are not so ethical, do not care or are just in and out, fly by night so called contractors. We call them “storm chasers”, companies or groups that move from heavily hit storm areas to next. It is why it is important to know your local contractors and ask the right questions before you hire them. Check the work being done on your home if you can or make sure the project supervisor does. Homes installed incorrectly have no wind warranty because of poor nailing and now, you’ll have to deal with the contractor regarding the blown off shingles. This can be difficult when the contractor has moved to another state.


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