Moss forms on a roof when it is wet or constantly damp and shaded. Most often this occurs on the north side of homes in Ohio, but can develop anywhere the roof that doesn’t get sunlight because trees are blocking. Moss can develop from algae spores blowing from the wind or even as simple as a bird carrying a twig for making a nest and it drops a spore on the roof.

Will moss damage my roof?

Yes it can. As moss grows on your roof it can actually work its way under your shingles. Moss is a plant, so it can literally push up the asphalt shingles as it grows and can cause them to become detached which makes them susceptible to high winds blowing off or causing them to crease on the back. Moss can also a real unpleasant on your roof. This could hurt the when going to put your house on the market by giving it an impression of a worn out roof to a buyer.

What can I do to get rid of the moss from my roof?

First of all remember the roof is steep and when wet the moss it is very slippery to walk on. Dependable Construction advises to use a professional roofing contractor to clean or replace the roof. There are specialists that do just this type of work. We strongly advise using the right person, for the right job.

Is there anything to keep moss from growing on my roof?

Installing Zinc stripes near the top of a roof can keep moss from growing. A little investigation of this proved to me that this was true. When rain water touches the Zinc stripes it collect Zinc oxide and continues to travel down the roof. The moss just hates it. There are shingle manufacturers that now claim resistance to algae discoloration on the shingle for the same reason. They have embedded in their shingle mat tiny Zinc chips that react with water. Most manufactures only give a 10 year warranty on this.  Homeowners should keep their roof free of debris, trees pruned/trimmed back will allow more sunlight to reach the surface of your roof and greatly help reduce moss growth.


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