As trusted home improvement contractor in Dayton, Ohio Dependable Construction is asked about how to restore older homes in our area. Some of our customers will go to great lengths to pay for the finest materials, restoring the home to its original splendor; but the majority of homeowners don’t have the resources to splurge on a full blown restoration.

Sometimes we discover the wood siding has been so badly neglected with water-damaged it requires a complete overhaul. Many homeowners are tempted to replace with vinyl siding, this can act as an exterior vapor barrier, trapping moisture within the walls and hastening decay. Leading to the rapid grown of mold that will work its way to the interior of your home.

Not surprisingly, experts like Dependable Construction often recommend fiber cement siding over vinyl siding when a homeowner can afford the cost upgrade. While fiber cement siding is expensive, it adds a lot of character to an older home. This cost upgrade has a great ROI for your property. Fiber cement siding is warranted for up to 50 years. The most popular brand and well known name in the fiber siding department is HardieBoard, developed and manufactured by James Hardie. HardieBoard comes available in 12′ 7 16′ lengths, it is installed like any other lap siding, but it is best to nail it directly into the studs. HardieBoard can also be purchased in pre-painted specific colors, help it to not chip for quite some time. You can also refresh the color with paint down the road if it fades. Fiber cement siding is also non-combustible; it won’t crack or rot, doesn’t dent, and termites can’t eat it.

Why hire a fiber cement contractor?

If homeowners have never installed fiber cement siding their unaware of the many difficulties that come along with it. Fiber cement siding is installed allot differently than vinyl siding because the boards are heavier, must be cut with a saw and are individually mounted to the wall. Professional installers are very experienced with this material and will make sure your home looks fantastic. Homeowners always want the job to be done right, so it only makes sense they should hire an experienced siding contractor like Dependable Construction.

A word about trim;

Whatever siding you choose for your older home, it is imperative that you leave the original trim intact. While the process of stripping and repainting may be labor-intensive, and expensive it would do irreparable harm to the architectural character of the home if this trim was replaced with vinyl. Many contractors like Dependable Construction will install aluminum coil metal over the wood trim around windows to help pull it in to the siding when new siding is going on. This helps save the homeowner time and money down the road not having to paint it every couple of years.

Prep for your new fiber cement siding;

Before your siding can be installed, it is important that you or a contractor like Dependable Construction they understand the importance of appling an anti-infiltration membrane over the sheathing before the siding is installed. This will prevent outside air from getting into the house and it will make it easier to control the internal humidity, it will also reduce the risk of condensation beneath the siding.

Ways to prevent moisture infiltration;

Moisture proofing an older home will require more than just siding; it’s also important homeowners look at their windows and doors and replace any with new if an issue is found. A vapor barrier, Dependable Construction recommended a thermal vapor barrier, installed over a bare-earth cellar floor. A thermal vapor barrier will also help with the cost of heating and cooling the house. If just a vapor barrier is installed its smart to have it covered with up to 1″of sand then 3″ of stone like pea-gravel. Homeowners could also have a concrete slab pour over top.

Whether you’re planning to restore an older home or starting from scratch with new construction, fiber-cement siding is an ideal way to beautify your home’s exterior and help avoid moisture issues down the road. Dependable Construction is just a phone call away to help with any remodeling or new construction project you may have.



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