Many homeowners believe that vinyl siding is maintenance free. Dependable Construction is here to tell you that’s just not the case. The cold, hard truth is that no material is maintenance free. If you know anyone who has had siding for several years, they can contest that this substitute siding is not what the manufacturers claim. If they have aluminum siding they will tell you it dents, scratches and tears. Should they have vinyl siding you’ll hear it cracks and chips easily especially in the winter. This is because any plastic, shatters when struck by something such as a rock or baseball. Like all plastic, it also expands and contracts. Some contractors will nail the siding to tight to the house during installation to hold it down in high winds. Once the hot months comes the siding will expand causing it to become distorted, homeowners will start to see wavy shapes. That’s bad for siding, once plastic takes on new, unexpected shapes, it tends to retain that very shape.

Must homeowners hate to paint their house. Whether their hiring a contractor like Dependable Construction or taking it on themselves as a DIY project. We understand this can be expensive and very bothersome. When homeowners think about this the first solution that comes to mind is vinyl siding, as its a great alternative to having the property painted every couple of years. The good thing about vinyl is its colored throughout, but like anything that left out in the sun, especially darker colors, will fade. Some manufacturers say that both vinyl and aluminum siding can be painted. Once homeowners start painting it they have to continue to paint it just like wood every couple of years. At this point what was the real benefit of going with vinyl if your painting it just like wood? Homeowners should have just stuck with the beauty of wood.

All these concerns make it clear that when homeowners choose wood siding they should have a regular maintenance and painting schedule in place. Dependable Construction recommends homeowners do a yearly inspect of the siding, checking for any rot or broken/bad pieces. This should be replaced as they are discovered. As for the painting we believe every three to four years its smart if homeowners have a fresh coat of paint applied. And if its vinyl they plan to, or already, have installed on their house that it’ll need painted down the road once its lost most of it color.



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