Which Building Material is Ideal?

We’ve all heard the various opinions of real estate agents who encourage sellers to make home and business improvements, but is there really one improvement that can make or break a sale? Some say it’s the kitchen when it comes to homes, and business focus on landscaping, while others aim for a neutral color palette on the inside of the property. While there’s no doubt that these improvements make a difference, there is only one major facelift that is proven to increase resale value, and that’s fiber cement siding.

Fiber cement siding might not yet be a “household” name, but you may have heard about James Hardie HardieBoard siding. This product has become increasingly popular throughout our area, primarily because of the extreme temperature changes that occur here in Ohio, everyone knows we can see all four seasons in a week and sometime a day.

What makes fiber cement siding so popular?

If you have never personally seen or touched fiber cement siding, it may be hard to see how James Hardie Siding can protect your home from weather damage. It effortlessly replicates the look of vinyl or wood siding, but each plank is actually created from durable cement fibers. Originally introduced in Australia for its ability to endure extreme climates without losing its beauty, James Hardie fiber cement shingles were an instant sensation. Builders and remodelers immediately gravitated to a material that had the look of top quality wood without the expense or maintenance.

What’s most attractive about the Hardie system is the way every element of a property’s exterior works together to create a cohesive, designer look. From the James Hardie House Wrap, to the Hardie Plank siding and James Hardie Trim, Seam Tape and Touch Up Paint, every product is engineered to work together.

In addition to its natural ability to resist weather damage and retain its strength, James Hardie siding provides a natural defense against pests, particularly termites. It is also extremely fire resistant and it resists chipping, cracking, warping and peeling.

How to get your HardieBoard system installed

As a preferred remodeler, Dependable Construction is well-versed on the benefits of fiber cement siding. The highlights of choosing Hardie board is the long-lasting beauty it brings. Over the years, James Hardie Fiber Cement siding has received numerous accolades from many remodeling magazines for helping increase a property’s resale value, James Hardie fiber cement siding is a concept that’s sweeping the nation. It comes in 20 beautiful colors and is specifically engineered to match several different climates. Residents love the look of Hardie Board for its natural texture and richness, but also it matches up so well with the architecture of the region.

When Property Owners switch from vinyl and wood siding to the beautiful James Hardie siding, Dependable Construction is their number one contractor. Reach out today to Dependable Construction to learn more or get your free estimate.  937.318.9572


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