We are talking about your asphalt shingled roof on your home or commercial building. The two types of algae we’re referring to are “black algae” and “green moss”. These normally occur in our area do to the humid we have.

Air born algae makes your roof look ugly and can cause damage to the mating of the shingles. Black algae looks like black streaks running downward on the shingle roof. This type of algae doesn’t damage the shingles. Moss, however, can grow into the shingle and cause damage if not taken care of. The good news is both types can be cleaned off by a roofing professional.

There is also a way to avoid the algae from growing back. When having a new roof installed always ensure your roofing contractor is installing an algae resistant shingle. GAF & CertainTeed manufacturers both have shingles that prevents algae grow for the first 10 years. Even on a lifetime shingle the max is 15 years because the copper coating on the granules wears off with weather over time before the shingle wears out. This copper coating is what resists the algae growth. While the roof is being installed it’s also a good idea to have zinc stripes installed at the ridge of every slope. This will prevent algae from growing. Every time its rain the water will mix with the zinc creating zinc oxide and washes down the roof.


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