If you’re residential or commercial shingle, slate, shake, or tile roof eave has overhangs in the form of a cornice, soffit, or “boxing” as some call it, you may especially be vulnerable to leaks caused by ice damming. Ohio added a building code in 2006 requiring all new roofs to have ice & water shield installed along all gutter lines, and must extend 24” PAST the interior wall. Ice & water shield is also ran in the valleys. Dependable Construction take their roofs a step further by placing ice & water shield around all leak points on the roof, chimney, box vents, boots, roof to wall location and others.

Ice & water shield is required above any area that is directly above heated space. This is because ice will normally thaw faster than the overhangs that aren’t heated. Yes, even though you have insulation in your attic, some heat escapes the living area and into the attic. The snow in this area melts before the snow lower down slope on the overhang eave, which is not above heated space. When the melted snow (water) runs down slope and hits that snow, it can’t escape because of the “ice dam” blocking it. The water backs up and causes leaks because these types of roofs shed water – the material is not water-tight like membrane roofs are. An added complication is when it stays below freezing for several days after snow and even until the next snow. Here we go again with more leaks.

Ice and water shield helps provide an added layer of protection under the shingles in these crucial areas. Ice and water shield helps to stop leaks caused by ice damming.


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