This is the perfect time of year to get your roof looked at, repaired, or replaced. Ensure that your roof will withstand another winter by hiring the team from Dependable Construction & Remodeling. Located in Fairborn, OH, and serving residents throughout Southwest Ohio since 2004, our local roofing company works to provide affordable and efficient roof repair and replacement. We provide a free estimate and will meet with our clients to discuss the costs involved.

There are many common oversights that homeowners make when starting a home improvement project, and one of them is the overall cost. Dependable Construction & Remodeling makes it a point to talk with their clients before starting a job, and will explain the top five variables that factor into the roofing cost:

  • Roof Size: Commercial roofing companies, such as Lance Roofing & Siding, charge per roofing square, which equals out to a 10-by-10-foot area.
  • Roof Pitch: Safety is a priority to the professionals at Lance Roofing & Siding, and the slope of your roof will factor into the cost if extra safety harnesses and equipment are required.
  • Roofing Material: Talk with the experts and they’ll explain how a nicer roofing material is more costly to work on then a cheaper alternative.
  • Water Damage: This won’t factor into the cost unless the roofers from Lance Roofing & Siding discover water damage after tearing up the shingles. They’ll keep you informed of any changes in cost whenever unforeseen circumstances come up.
  • Skylight/Chimney: One of these features could make the project a little more difficult, as the roofers have to work around them. This could increase the cost for labor time.


What makes Dependable Construction & Remodeling stand out from other contractors is that they offer free estimates, only using the best material on the market, with extended warranties. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed throughout the whole project. Get your free estimate today by calling (937) 318.9572 or by visiting their website.


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