Some minor improvements to your home or office could make a major difference in your heating bills this winter, potentially saving hundreds of dollars.

It’s hard to believe, but winter is practically at our doorstep. We know it’s painful to think about ice and snow, but it is Ohio. Fortunately, Dependable Construction has a list of minor home improvements to help bring down your heating cost this winter. Many of these essential home improvements are simple and affordable. Consider adding these five home improvement tasks to your fall “to-do” list.

  1. Get a home energy audit. Find a qualified professional who can come to your home and help you figure out where you are wasting energy. Some local power companies are happy to offer energy audits for customers, at no additional charge. A qualified contractor will be able to provide an in-depth energy audit that will save you money in the long run. Once complete it’s time to fix these energy issues so you can see an immediate impact on your energy bills.
  2. Add more insulation. Unless you live in an older home, your walls are likely to be well insulated with fiberglass insulation. However, if your home is older you might consider insulating the walls sufficiently. Since heat travels skyward, be sure your attic is well insulated too. This can be a do-it-yourself job but it might be easier to hire a professional.
  3. Patch up any air leaks. November and December are great months for solving any air leakage problems in your home, so grab some caulk or expanding foam and seal up leaks around electrical outlets, air vents, windows, doors, etc. This can make a real difference when cold weather sets in.
  4. Get your heating system checked. A regular furnace tune-up may seem unnecessary, but it can save a lot of money over time. Many HVAC companies offer an annual contract for regular maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner, which means you get an annual inspection of each system every year. Remember, if your heating system isn’t running itself efficiently, you could be paying too much to heat your home.
  5. Install new doors and windows. This may seem a little “over the top” if you’re planning to install them yourself, but most people are happy to let the professionals install new entry doors and windows. This is a larger investment than installation and caulking, but keeps the heat from escaping your home better than anything else. When shopping for windows and doors, look for a professional installer in your area like Dependable Construction. Our installer can show you which windows are likely to reduce your energy bills and which doors have the best insulation.

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