Dependable Construction understands gutters and downspouts are an important components to all high-quality roofing systems. They help increase the lifespan of your roof and these stylish accessories help to add curb appeal. Below you’ll find some helpful reasons why gutters and downspouts are so important.

Reduces Risk of Interior Water Damage 

When water from the roof runs down the side of the property, the moisture can mold and warp exterior walls. When liquid collects inside interior walls, this causes paint to blister, stains to form, and additional damage. Gutters and downspouts act as a raincoat for your property, catching water before it can saturate the facade and cause property damage inside the space, costing you more money down the line.

 Channels Water Away From Property Foundation

When a roofing system doesn’t have gutters and downspouts, there’s no barrier to prevent rainwater from spilling off the roof and collecting at the property foundation. The moisture can crack concrete foundation materials, jeopardizing the structural integrity of the entire property. The liquid could also leak from the foundation into the basement, causing additional property damage. Gutters are designed to prevent this from happening, as they catch rain runoff from the roof. Gutters help channel water into the downspouts, which directs the liquid a safe distance from the property’s foundation.

Prevents Roofing System Failure

Beyond protecting the foundation, gutters and downspouts also play a crucial role in keeping the roofing substrate and surface materials intact. When rainwater settles on the roof, the weight breaks down the materials. The additional moisture also causes mold to form, as micro-organisms in the stagnate liquid eat through roof layers.

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