Take the stress out of last-minute decorating by tackling one room of the house at a time. A little advance planning will make your holiday gathering a memorable occasion for everyone.

Every year, as soon as the kids head back to school and the pumpkins are on display at your local supermarket, homeowners’ thoughts turn to home improvements, especially if the holiday season means entertaining family and friends.  Whether you host a big Thanksgiving dinner or entertain house-guests over winter break, your idea of “holiday stress” may include finding time to spruce up your home.  With family budgets tight and weekend calendars filling up, now is a good time to start thinking about making budget-conscious home improvements.

Dependable Construction has some quick and affordable ways to make your home a little cozier this season;

  • Purchase a new area rug that ties the colors of your rooms together: Even when you’re decorating on a budget, a color scheme can do a lot to make your rooms look “polished.”  If your room is more contemporary, look for an area rug with bold, geometric patterns that includes the primary colors of your furniture, window treatments and wall decor.
  • Tackle small paint jobs: Rather than tying up an entire weekend by painting an entire room, save time and money by painting molding and trim. Consider painting a single accent wall with a warm and inviting hue, or make your entryway more festive by painting the front door in a deep tone of red or green.
  • Upgrade your bathroom accessories and fixtures: If you’ve been putting up with a leaky faucet for a while and just haven’t had time to fix it; now is the time to get that done.  While you’re at it, why not get some fresh new bathroom rugs, a new toilet seat, towel bar and hand towels.  Nothing makes a great impression on house-guests faster than a freshly decorated bathroom.
  • Add some new decor pieces to your living room: You may not want to invest in brand new furniture, but there’s no reason you can’t get a few new throw pillows in warm tones and textures.  New window blinds or curtains will do a lot to refresh your rooms too, or perhaps a new area rug on your hardwood floors.  Don’t be afraid to add some colorful flowers, fill bowls with pine cones and pick up a few scented candles before guests arrive.
  • Make some lighting upgrades to warm up a space: One thing that’s nice about the holidays is the way a Christmas tree can light up a room. Why not to add soft accent lighting to other areas of the home.  Decorative sconces and chandeliers can really dress up a dining room and path lighting is a great way to illuminate your entryway for guests who are arriving at night.
  • Small kitchen appliances can rejuvenate your kitchen: Now that the prices on Keurig’s coffeemakers have gown down maybe it’s time to add one to the kitchen? The holiday season is usually the best time to other kitchen gadgets when great sales are being ran. Consider getting a larger toaster, a toaster oven, a new blender or a juicer too. These can make big family breakfasts a breeze.
  • Create a “conversation area”: Is your furniture designed for group interaction?  Furniture arrangement is the key to great conversations, but this might require a realignment of sofas and chairs.  Arrange and rearrange your furniture until you get the most comfortable conversation area to accommodate the whole group.  This may mean moving some dining room chairs, pulling out the oversized floor pillows, or adding a few more seats.
  • Add some colorful touches: One of the easiest ways to freshen up your home is with some small vases and fresh blossoms.  Invest in a dozen or more miniature glass vessels and fill them with a few colorful blossoms, then place them strategically around the house – in the powder room, on an entryway table, on window ledges, end tables and bookshelves – wherever a splash of color is needed.

Whether you plan on a small gathering with a few overnight guests or a large family reunion with people sleeping in every room, the holidays are a wonderful time to reconnect with loved ones. Take the stress out of last-minute decorating by tackling one room of the house at a time. A little advance planning will make your holiday gathering a memorable occasion for everyone.

Dependable Construction wishes every a safe and happy holiday season.

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