When homeowners have a cement siding product installed on their home, thye can expect it to last a lifetime, sometimes longer.

Dependable Construction is often asked “What’s the difference between Hardie Board and cement board siding?”

Most contractors know they are relatively the same thing. Hardie Board is the best known brand of cement board siding, which is often called fiber cement board. This product is so familiar in the building industry that people often forget that it is a brand. Like calling all hook and loop Velcro, which is actually a brand.

Homeowners in the Dayton area are starting to prefer cement board siding because its now made to resemble other building materials. Example, homeowners can choose from not only a smooth plank, but wood grain finish, and stucco look, some appear more like vinyl siding.

Cement board siding is durable & easy to maintain;

If your installing a cement board siding product on your home, you can expect it to last a lifetime, and sometimes longer. This has become a major selling point for the product because it increases the resale value of the home, but there are other reasons that homeowners choose cement board. First, cement board siding is low maintenance.  Unlike a lot of other popular siding materials, it resists mold and mildew, and doesn’t have to be cleaned any more often than vinyl or wood.

Cement siding is easy to install & versatile;

Each plank of cement siding is pre-primed and ready to go. You can also find pre-painted and/or pre-colored cement board siding at many contractors, which can be a real time saver after installation is complete. Many contractors like Dependable Construction will recommend buying the pre-primed siding and having it painted to your specifications; mainly because it will never chip or peel later on.

Quality Vs. Cost of Cement Siding

Taking all the benefits into account, it’s no wonder that cement board siding is the new trend that is sweeping the Dayton area. Homeowners have become more practical and they don’t mind spending a little more upfront to get quality that will last a lifetime. Plus as we all know, resale value is a very important thing these days and due to its long life and quality, cement siding adds to the resale value of your home. Also fiber cement siding is waterproof and designed to hold up in extremely strong rain, winds, hail and salt air.  Another great plus that helps add value is fiber cement siding extremely fire resistant.

Whether your selling your home or planning on having parties its important that you remember the exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they drive up. Homeowners should choose a tough, good looking exterior product such as cement board siding to help make that first impression really stick.

When homeowners are looking to replace their siding, its also a good time, and idea, to consider replacing your windows as well. Home improvements are best done together, this helps save both time and money. Best to contact a construction company ahead of their down time to get the best price.



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