Your old house was originally designed for and built with wood shingles, wood clapboard, or both. Today, if you’re lucky, your house still has its original wood siding and has not been covered up with products such as Vinyl or Aluminum.

For those of us that do have their original wood siding, if it doesn’t need to be painted now, it’s just a matter of time before it will need to be repainted again. Today, everywhere you look you see bright shiny vinyl – it looks so clean and makes a tired house look brand new – what to do?

Remember, the goal for Dependable Construction is to provide information to make the appearance of your house the best it can possibly be. Your house will stand out from the others in a class unsurpassed. Whether you live in a small bungalow or mansion – you will be in the same group, a class far above those homeowners with plastic exteriors. If you have not read the Aesthetics page, please read it before proceeding.

Most important thing is you’ll need to reprogram yourself by really understanding the information provided. Your thinking has been negatively influenced and altered over the years by living in a plastic environment, seeing vinyl siding everywhere you look and having this look reinforced by aggressive marketing.

Today, we are all exposed to a flood of mailings and advertisements from contractors telling us how great our home will look with their Premium Vinyl Siding. Their sales pitch stresses the beauty, low maintenance and wise investment of siding. Imagine how many people succumb to this marketing ploy. Even in historic neighborhoods, homeowners often consider modern siding for a variety of reasons. It’s important to the rest of us to convince them of their error.

Why shouldn’t people use vinyl siding on an old home? First of all, there is no doubt that a “siding job”, will totally wipe out the original character of an old house, not to mention the damaging effect it has on the appearance of the whole neighborhood. A neighborhood with vinyl sided homes is no more than a HIGH PRICED TRAILER PARK. Just because a house may be large and cost over a million dollars, does not mean that the owners have any class or taste. Your home is an extension of you.

Wood has time-tested, timeless quality that does not go out of style. Remember that your house was originally designed based on architectural rules and principles as explained on the Aesthetics page. Each piece of wood is designed to work together and play off each other creating shadows and depth which creates an aesthetically pleasing building. Any alteration will result in a feeling of disharmony. Today, the pace of life is so fast, few take the time to really notice the harmony or disharmony of an old house.

Once a house is covered with vinyl, its character is lost and is becomes just another shiny bland box!

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