Roofing inspections just got easier using a drone. One of the latest tools for roof inspections and estimating a roof is using a drone with a camera attached. Let’s talk about this it for a minute. The following are ways this helps and makes the contractor’s job easier;

  1. It keeps the traffic off you roof. Very important if you have a tile roof.
  2. As a roofing contractor you can review the roof condition with the owner of the building.
  3. Helps provide instructions to your roofing crew before sending them out.
  4. Safe detailed way to measure a roof or provide a timely roof inspection.
  5. The roof can be easily measured from the ground using pitch multipliers.

These new drones have an on-board camera that can be adjusted to view up or down, swivel right to left zoom in or out on any subject and capture details on any roof slope. These are great for steep roofs that are impossible to walk on. Properties with tree do make using a drone harder.


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