Dependable Construction is asked all the time by their customers, “Does ridge vent really work”. Ridge vents have gaining allot of popularity in recent years but have been around for a long time. It is based on hot air escaping from the highest point of your attic. That’s where hot air wants to go, so ridge venting is a great idea.

For a ridge vent to work correctly you must have a properly balanced air flow system. Intake and exhaust at a 50% ratio is the goal. The ridge vent will perform like it was designed, drawing the hot air up and out of the attic while fresh air is pulled in. This helps to keep your attic cooler and your living space below. Which in turn helps you save energy when your air conditioner is running less.

All ridge vent is designed to breathe thru a cut out of the peak of your roof, and covered with shingles to make a complete water tight system.

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