Building permits for roofs are required in some cities, towns and counties. Dayton requires a permit for layover. Springfield requires them and that the company has a license through Springfield. Most places that don’t require them. The best way to confirm needing a build permit or not, is to call your local building department, describe the scope of work being done and ask them if you need one.

What is a building permit? It’s a document that a city, town, country or state issues to the public that enforces building codes during construction. By issuing a permit and inspecting the work done by a contractor, handyman or homeowner, the building department controls projects being done to conform to the local laws and codes. They issue the permit prior to the job stating. Every building department is different but basically you or your contractor fill out a form to submit the scope of work to be done and provide the details of the materials to be used. The name of the contractor doing the roof, his qualification and worker compensation insurance information. After a review, typically while you wait, the paperwork is processed and you are issued a permit for the roof job. Of course there is a fee to be paid normally a percentage of the project being done.

Some permits for a roof will have timely inspections to be done or maybe just a final inspection of the work. This is important to know what is required because covering up work not inspected can be a problem.

Getting a building permit and inspections of the work done provides a third party to review at the work being done and document of the roof as being completed following local codes. This protects the homeowners that may not know the requirements or cannot get up on the roof to see what was done. It also insures that the new homeowner, when the house is sold, has a permitted home improvement done. These records are kept by the building department and become history of the home.

Even good roofing contractors like Dependable Construction have made mistakes, that’s why it’s good to have a third party whose job is to catch those things. Sure it is pain to deal with the cost, scheduling inspections and doing things exacting by the book, but isn’t that what you want as a homeowner? Buying a roofing permit when required is the smart thing to do because it protects not only the homeowner, it protects the future buyer and even the contractor doing the roof.



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