We have been asked on many older house do gable vents need to be sealed up when using ridge vents? Yes! No! Wait a second, maybe?

Even engineers will argue back and forth on this point. So let’s take a minute to break it down. There are many different types of homes here in Ohio. Homes come in all different sizes and designs. Some houses have vaulted ceiling, two stories, attached garages and some without attic space. This allows for different interpretations to the current ventilation codes. The industry standard is 1 sq. foot of ventilation for 300 sq. feet of attic space above living space should be used when a vapor barrier present. When there is no vapor barrier present a 1 sq. foot ventilation for to 150 sq. feet is used. 50% of these factors should be intake and 50% should be exhaust as a goal to provide a good attic ventilation system. There are many ways to ventilate an attic and the design of the house will dictate the type of ventilation and/or combination of vents to be used.

Currently gable vents, dormer vents with ridge venting can be installed as long as it is within 3 feet of the ridge. If it doesn’t seem to conflict with the ridge vent but if the gable vent is lower it becomes intake. Did you know that vents lower that the 3 foot rule actually become intake and can be design that way? Caution should be used in this area, while the vent is an intake it could pull water in during a rain.


A combination of ventilation type may be needed on some homes. So it really depends on the type of roof design you have and if you can get the goal of 50% intake and 50% exhaust. Call Dependable Construction today at (937) 318.9572 to learn more about ventilation or to have your property inspected. You can also visit us on Facebook to keep up with the latest jobs we are working on, be sure to like the page.



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