Attic ventilation is crucial to the sustained structural integrity of your roof. Sadly, people often get the wrong idea about this critical part of maintaining good indoor air quality in their homes. These myths can lead you to overlook the many benefits of proper attic ventilation in your own home.


Let Dependable Construction & Remodeling, a top notch roofing company in Dayton OH, debunk these three myths about attic ventilation:

Myth #1 – The more the attic ventilation, the better

While homes do need a certain number of vents in the attic to get the most out of the ventilation, having too many can create a couple of problems. Since the vents are essentially roof penetrations, a surplus can leave your attic exposed to wind and rain intrusions. How much ventilation does the house really need? The common pragmatic approach suggests one foot of ventilation for every 300 feet of attic space. If you are unsure about these specifications, you can consult your trusted contractor for professional guidance.

021221068_xlgMyth #2 – Attic vents decrease energy efficiency during winter

The reason for this erroneous view is that since warm air rises and escapes through open spaces, venting will make it harder to heat up a home. While this is a valid concern, its premise is simply untrue. When heat escapes during the cold season, it means better attic insulation is greatly needed, not less ventilation. To confirm, measure the temperature in your attic after sunset. If what you record varies widely from the temperature outside, then you know something is wrong with the insulation.

Myth #3 – Attic ventilation is only for houses in warm climates

Not quite! In fact, it’s actually the other way around. Attic ventilation can offer more benefits to houses in colder climates. One of these is the prevention of moisture damage, which is more common in colder climates than warmer ones. Many also believe that venting relieves pressure from heat buildup on warm days, but many other factors can impact energy efficiency levels in the home. These include shingle colors, sun exposure levels, and insulation quality.


Dependable Construction & Remodeling installs the most effective attic ventilation systems for your roofing in Dayton, OH. They consist of intake vents spaced evenly along the soffit, the roof’s overhang, with a ridge vent running the length of the roof. This system creates an even flow of air along the entire underside of the roof sheathing.

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