Felt is designed as a last stand against water intrusion on to the roof sheathing and into the home. Roofing felt can be left out in the weather for weeks shedding rain water while the roof is in progress of being completed. The best roofing conditions are of course nice sunny days about 70-90 degrees but this is not reasonable all year in the vast climates we have in Dayton, Ohio.

Roofing products used on a steep slope roofs (4/12 or greater) move the moisture downwards the gutters. Both the shingles and felt are designed to be in the wet and rainy conditions. It’s always a good idea blow off any excessive water before you are starting to shingle the roof and as the day progresses the rest of the felt should dry out. Moisture should evaporate between the shingles and the felt and not cause any issues or damage any of the roofing products.

Dependable Constructions concerns with wet or damp felt is that it causes the felt to wrinkle. These wrinkles can hold up the shingles from lying flat till the moisture evaporates. This makes our finish product look unsightly and disturbing when walking the property with the homeowner.

Dependable Construction has solved this problem on their jobs by installing synthetic underlayment. So what can you do?  Synthetic underlayment is made of plastic causing it to not wrinkling. but cost a little more. Synthetic underlayment can also be installed during the colder months we see in Ohio and wet months. However, Synthetic underlayment does cost more per roll than the standard felt paper.

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