When is the best time for big remodeling projects?

In many cases, knowing the “perfect time” to remodel is the key to saving money on your next that must have project.

In our area spring and summer are seen as the “remodeling seasons.” While it’s true that sunny days with warmer weather are ideal for working outdoors, more can be said about doing those interior projects during the cold winter months. In many cases, knowing the “perfect time” to remodel is the key to saving money on the job. For example, Dependable Construction books less carpentry, window installations, kitchens and bathroom remodels in the wintertime; which can make it  better and easier to get a better deal.

Applying the laws of supply and demand to your home remodeling projects makes a lot of sense. Just like Christmas decorations are cheapest on December 26th and Halloween candy is a bargain on November 1st, the prices for building materials also fluctuate throughout the year. Whether it’s paint, siding, windows or lumber you need, it pays to buy them when the cost is at an all-time low.

When is it foolish to remodel in the off-season?

In some parts of the Ohio it would be foolish to schedule a remodeling project during the winter months. For example, installing a pool in Ohio during the winter will not be wise because the ground is frozen solid. However, it does make sense to schedule these type of projects at the beginning or tail end of the season, when contractors like Dependable Construction have fewer projects on their schedule. Your project is likely to cost less, and some companies will have more time, allowing them to pay greater attention to detail than during the busy season.

What are the best times to remodel?

The answer to this question depends on the type of project a homeowner is planning. In most cases, the ideal time to start is one or two months ahead of time, before everyone else starts calling. Instead of waiting until mid-summer to exterior doors and windows, have them done in early spring. Remember that knowing when to schedule your project is often more about planning and less about the weather. Try to get your major remodeling projects planned well in advance of the actual start-date. Seasoned contractors like Dependable Construction will tell you, the best time to remodel is always early.

Spring and summer are not always the best time to remodel

By planning your projects well in advance, homeowners will be able to accumulate materials when they are cheapest and store them until it is time to start the job. But materials are not the only portion of the job with seasonal costs. Companies like Dependable Construction also have seasons or periods when they don’t have enough work to keep their guys busy, as well as busy seasons when they turn away jobs. A homeowner’s goal should be to find out when their labor is cheapest, and hire them during this time, it helps both parties.

Knowing when to remodel is not just about material cost, but about contractor’s availability as well. Dependable Construction has fix many job site where other contractors cut corners to save time so they could get to the next job site. Additionally, when every contractor within a 6 mile radius is putting in orders for new doors or replacement windows, there’s a greater chance that orders will get delayed or mixed up, causing everyone involved a little more aggravation!

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