rubber-roofing-epdm-roofing-system-massachusetts-family-owned-company(Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) roofing membrane, also commonly referred to as “rubber roofing,” is a singly-ply rubber membrane normally used on flat roofs. This is one of the most popular roofing systems for low slope application on residential and commercial structures and has been on the market for over four decades for good reasons. Here are some of its features and benefits:

Compared to other types of rubber, EPDM is highly resilient. It does not crack with extreme dryness and moisture while being flexible enough to fit around gutters, skylights, pipes and other roofing components. Additionally, it is capable of contracting and expanding to effectively respond to and withstand changing weather conditions. This roofing material is also highly resistant to extreme temperature ranging from negative 50°C to 150°C, making it a very good product.

Many roofers recommend this material, because it is one of the most efficient. It is very durable, lasting for up to 20 years, which can even double with proper sealing, care and maintenance. Additionally, this material allows heat and vapor to escape from the building envelope, because it is breathable but is not permeable to allow heat and moisture to enter. Thus, it effectively insulates the building, keeping it cool during summer and warm in winter. Consequently, it will help lower your cooling and heating bills.


Installation and maintenance
Rubber roofing offers a safer and more practical installation process compared to felt roof installation for instance, because it eliminates strong odors, smoke and the use of bitumen. It is also generally lightweight which makes it easier to work with and can be effortlessly shaped to follow the contours of any roof. When it comes to care and maintenance, it can easily be repaired when punctured or ripped, while its maintenance requirement is low. These are just some of the major benefits of EPDM roofing which you will enjoy for decades.

If you want your commercial roofto be environment friendly, EPDM roofing system is the perfect choice. This is commonly made of recycled materials and, to make things even better, it can also be recycled into a new roofing material at the end of its lifespan. And because it helps with insulation, it reduces energy consumption which is good for the environment.


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