When the heat index reaches the high 90s or even goes over 100 in the summer months, you start looking for anything to help you cool off. If you’re staring at your home, take a closer look at your roof. Homes with darker roofs tend to absorb a lot more sunlight than those of other colors, and to make it worse, asphalt shingles are less capable of reflecting light compared to other materials.

If your roof currently has one or both of these features, you should start thinking about a cool roof replacement. These roofs are specifically designed to reflect more sunlight and consequently absorb less heat. That’s where Dependable Construction can come in to help, here are some benefits to having your roof replaced.

3 Benefits of a Cool Roof Replacement

  1. Reduced Air Conditioner Usage

When your roof is made out of materials good for reflecting sunlight, like asphalt shingles with specially coated granules or painted metal roofs, it can cause your home to absorb less heat. Since your house isn’t warming up as quickly or frequently, there is less need for your air conditioner to run.

  1. Improved Comfort in Areas Without AC 

If you currently dread going up into your attic or working in your garage because of the heat, a cool roof replacement can change all of that. The special coatings and reflective materials will make these rooms more tolerable, even during the hottest days of the season.

  1. Extended Lifespan

Extreme heat can cause premature wear and tear to your roof—such as cracks, bumps, curling, and discoloration—which can cause you to replace shingles or your entire roof sooner than you anticipated. Also, if this damage goes unnoticed, it could result in a leak the next time you have a heavy rainstorm.

If you’d like to learn more about getting a roof replacement, contact the roofing contractors at Dependable Construction today. We provide high-quality roofing services to the Dayton, area. To learn more information and see a full list of services, call 937.318.9572 or visit them online. You can also check out our Facebook page to see some of the past projects we done and hear what people think about our services.


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