Dependable Construction understand that when it come time for d on a new roof for your home or business it can be a difficult decision. While replacing your roof can be a sizable investment, it is one of the most import home maintenance items to stay on top of, since neglecting roofing issues can lead to water leaks and structural damage that can affect your property’s condition and value.

Dependable Construction in Fairborn, OH, is Southwest Ohio’s leading roof repair and installation expert. As the top siding and roofing company in the area, Dependable Construction only employs the most qualified and highly trained technicians to ensure that their customers get the best roof repair and installation services in the shortest amount of time.

To help you determine when it’s time to replace that worn-out roof, here are the stages of roof deterioration the professionals at Dependable Construction say to watch out for:

Stage One: A roof starts to age the day it is installed. First, there is a natural curing process with the shingles. In this stage, shingles will start to lose granules and some blistering will occur.

Stage Two: The middle stage in the life of a roof is the longest. In this stage, you may notice gradual wear, discoloration, and more blistering begin to take place.

Stage Three: The third and last stage in the life of a roof is the most critical in helping to determine when a replacement is necessary. This period is marked by the curling and cracking of shingles, as well as advanced discoloration and blistering. Watch out for open blisters, exposed cracks, and bald spots where no roofing coverage exists beyond exposed asphalt.

The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone when determining when it might be time for new a roof. The roofing experts at Dependable Construction offer free estimates to help you determine the best course of action for you.


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