Deciding where to put windows or and what type of lights you’ll use in a house or building  can be a very complicated process. Factors Dependable Construction would like you to consider.

Deciding where to put windows or and what type of lights you’ll use in a building or house can be a complicated process. Factors one should consider can include the view outside, how much lighting is necessary, and any glares that could be on screens like a television or computer.

Although adding in extra windows takes much planning, natural light is a great way to add personality to any space. Natural light helps play a big role in creating a comfortable and enjoyable spaces in a home.

When building a new home or contemplating adding in a window to an older house, here are some benefits of adding natural light rather than using only artificial light.

Fresher air

Windows help to improve a home or office by keeping the area feeling fresh. Being able to open a window can give people a sense of relaxation. The real benefit is that the natural light prevents most causes of stale smells that are associated with dark areas. Windows help keep a home free of mold or bacteria that can cause smells, as well as health problems like breathing issues, which leaves a home smelling fresh and clean.

Space perception

The space in an area can be perceived and changed based on lighting. Architects often use lighting to make smaller areas seem larger. Artificial light doesn’t make a space feel as big and can sometimes make a person start to feel closed in an claustrophobic.

Improves sleep patterns

Natural light has an impact on the bodies’ chemical production. Sunlight turns the production of melatonin off, a hormone produced at night, making you sleepy. The sleep hormone begins to produce with less direct sunlight. So, throughout the day the natural sunlight will keep you awake and alert and as rooms darken your melatonin will start to produce. If your bedroom has large windows, when sun begins to come up in the morning, you’ll slowly stop producing melatonin and be able to wake up more quickly.

Reduces stress & pain

Bright rooms with many or large windows help patients to feel less stress and to need less pain medication. The brightness improves mood, makeing stressful situations feel less dire.


Areas that have natural lighting usually feel more comfortable than areas that use overhead lighting or lamps. Relying on natural light during the daytime can help relieve feelings of discomfort or anxiety, so adding windows allows for keeping artificial light usage to a bare minimum.

Reduces migraines

Migraines are often triggered or worsened by bright lights or artificial lighting. Sunlight through a window isn’t as glaring as an overhead artificial light, which can help a migraine patient from getting migraines as often. Experimenting with using natural light can be a way for patients to save money by not needing medication as often.


Do you ever find yourself squinting at a computer screen or television? Proper natural lighting during the day can help keep that from happening. Natural daylight can prevent eyestrain and help to increase concentration on a specific task. There are some things to be aware of when installing windows where there will be monitors: glares can cause more of a problem than artificial light, however a good window installation company like Dependable Construction will help to evaluate your space and decide the right place to put a window for your work and your health!

More energy

As with sleeping, sunlight will also help energy levels. By having natural light fill an office or home during the day, melatonin won’t be produced and you’ll be more alert and less likely to feel drowsy. The light can help to keep steady energy and at the end of work you won’t feel as drained.

Energy efficiency

Saving money is important to most people, and although windows cost money to be installed, they can quickly prove themselves as a money-saving investment by lowering energy costs. Natural light means people don’t need to turn the lights on as much, which saves energy. Electricity and maintenance of the electricity isn’t necessary as often if the lights aren’t used constantly.

Truer colors

When photos or artwork is naturally lit, it usually looks much more appealing and the colors look deeper. The same goes for rooms in a house – when a room is naturally lit, the colors of furniture, the paint on the wall, artwork or even rugs on the floor all look more charming and pleasing to the eye. Adding windows keeps a room from the harsh glare of light bulbs.

Windows are stylish

Natural lighting from a window doesn’t have to be boring. If your concern is creating a space that not only feels comfortable and bright, but also is unique and trendy, a window can be the way to go.

The natural lighting coming through stained glass can be beautiful, and in the evening, a skylight can lend to a romantic and posh feel. Rooms with floor to ceiling windows can make a room feel like it’s outside because of the extra sunshine.

Helps prevent depression

Vitamin D is an important way a person can help to keep him or herself in a good mood. This vitamin is absorbed through the skin from sunlight, and the more sunlight a person is exposed to, the better moods and less symptoms of depression they’ll have. It’s a pretty well-known fact that during the winter many people summer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) because of a lower level of serotonin. Having windows that allow in extra natural light gives people a way to get vitamin D during the winter without having to actually be outside in the cold.

Natural lighting from windows and skylights can be extremely helpful for a person’s health and attitude, and can even update a room from sad and bland to happy and energizing.



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