Rather than spending all your early spring weekends planting flowers and fertilizing the lawn, let this be the year you make some eye popping home improvements.

If you live in the Dayton area, it may be hard to think about spring home improvement projects just yet, but it won’t be long before all the snow is melted and your home is in need of attention Dependable Construction understands this. One of the nice things about spring home improvements is how they coincide with tax refund season, so if you’re planning an improvement it won’t hit your wallet quite as hard.

What are some of the most popular home improvements for spring? Not surprisingly, they seem to focus on the outside of the home and enhancing “curb appeal.” If you’ve been talking about making some necessary home improvements, the following projects are perfect for a spring home makeover.

  1. Rain Gutters – Spring is the perfect time to update your rain gutters. Without them our homes are defenseless against spring and summer thunderstorms. Rainwater can pool on flat surfaces and even erode the soil around your home’s foundation. It can make your siding dirty and cause dirty water to leak into your basement. Consider a covered gutter to cut maintenance to a minimum and eliminate clogs.
  2. Deck – Every summery you think about it, but by then it can be too late to find a contractor who can fix or replace your deck. A good quality deck allows you to fully enjoy the sun and it makes the perfect place for socializing and entertaining. For a deck that lasts, consider recycled plastic lumber or pressure-treated wood.
  3. Hot tub – This may seem like the ultimate luxury, but it will turn your backyard into an inviting oasis. Hot tubs are the perfect remedy for a long and stressful day, but they also provide a fun way to socialize with friends. Why not add a hot tub this year and have your new deck built around it?
  4. New siding – Nothing makes a house look brand new better than new siding. New durable long-lasting siding will give your house that beautiful curb appeal.
  5. Enclosed porch or Florida room – Do you want to extend the feeling of being “outdoors” long after the weather gets chilly? You don’t have to live in a warm climate to enjoy an enclosed porch. With energy-efficient windows, the right building materials and an experienced contractor, it’s possible to create an additional living space that will enhance your home’s value.
  6. Roof repair – Dayton gets its share of snowfall, much of which accumulates on your home’s roof. This can cause moisture leaks in between the cracks and crevices of your roof, which results in peeling, curling and the eventual disintegration of roofing shingles. When this occurs, it’s time to have your roof inspected and repaired.
  7. Skylights – Do you want to dramatically increase the amount of daylight in your home? Some people add new windows or an enclosed porch, but it’s also possible to get a skylight. Doing this on your own is not recommended, unless you have a lot of experience, because it can cause leaks when improperly installed.
  8. Kitchen renovation – It may not seem like a typical “spring improvement,” but kitchen cabinets are often replaced in the spring. Sometimes a new look can be achieved by simply replacing the knobs on cabinet doors or adding molding along the top, but there is nothing wrong with getting new kitchen cabinets, a new counter-top or a center island. Remember, the kitchen is the centerpiece of your home.
  9. Mailbox – This may not sound like a real improvement, but a new mailbox can dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal. Look for something original that complements the style of your home. Sometimes it’s possible to have one custom made to look exactly like your home, but these can be pricey. Whatever you choose it is certain to get noticed by more than just the mailman!

Rather than spending all your early spring weekends planting flowers and fertilizing the lawn, let this be the year you make some noticeable home improvements. Plant that garden, upgrade your siding or build a new deck, but whatever you do; don’t let spring pass you by. In the words of the Beatles, “Here comes the sun… it feels like years since it’s been here.”

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