Dependable Construction has put together the following list to help homeowners. Here are the top 6 things we believe that you should avoid doing on you roof.

  1. Ignore the piled up leaves on your roof. Piles of leaves not only cause your roof to stain faster but dam up water and cause leaks, especially in valley areas on tile roofs.
  2. Mount a satellite dish on your roof. A roof mount satellite dish means screwing bolts into your roof. Some installers will use a mastic sandwiched between the roof and the mount but after a few years these tend to dry rot causing leaks. There are plenty of under eave brackets available. They swing out and around the gutter from the rafter tail, having a mount for the dish.
  3. Antenna lag bolts. Bolts through the roof are typically near the bottom edge or eave. These let moisture in soaking to the rafter tail and rot them.
  4. Basketball Hoop. Basketballs hitting the backboard cause allot of vibration on the roof. This will break the seal of the bolts causing leaks. Always install basketball hoops into the concrete or brick face of a house.
  5. Hanging Christmas lights on your shingles. Driving nails or screws though you roof can cause leaks. Christmas lights can be installed with gutter clips.
  6. Solar Panels. Odds are with all the bolts it takes to attach this to your roof one or more will fail. The percentage of a leak is too great. Use a hidden bracket system. Most roofing or solar contractors have a better mounting system available.


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