Too often leaking locations inside your home don’t indicate the true source of the leak.

Finding the correct point of a roof leak is the first step in permanently repairing it, and the professionals at Dependable Construction & Remodeling in Fairborn, Ohio, want to help homeowners and businesses protect their properties. Most roofing repair jobs begin with detective work. If you’ve noticed a pool of water, a drip, or mold, here are five ways to get to the root of the problem:

  • Grab A Flashlight: Water reflects light, so follow the signs of the leak with a flashlight beam to its source. Mark the spot. If you have a helper, one of you can climb on the roof while the other taps the marked spot from the interior. Many leaks originate in the attic, so start your inspection there.
  • Check the Insulation: If you see damage to any section of your insulation, that’s a possible giveaway. Remember that water travels, so the leak could actually originate several feet on any side of the damage.
  • Look for Foreign Objects: Debris on top of a roof can be an obvious sign of the cause and location. Look for objects that could have pierced the roofing.
  • Simulate Rain: If the weather is dry and the leaking has temporarily stopped, have a helper spray the roof with a hose section by section until the leak occurs again.
  • Call a Professional: If you can’t locate the leak, call the professionals at Dependable Construction & Remodeling.


Dependable Construction & Remodeling can typically complete a roof repair or replacement in one day, regardless of whether it’s commercial roofing, metal roofing, or residential roofing. Our crew can also install gutters, Decks, vinyl siding, and Do drywall repair work.

Don’t let your leaking roof get worse. Call Dependable Construction & Remodeling at (937) 318.9572 or learn more online.

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