Commercial roofing leaks can be disastrous if they aren’t spotted and addressed early. Since it’s very easy for a destructive leaks to go unnoticed for a while its important your property has regular inspections. According to Dependable Construction, a reputable roofing contractor based in South West, OH, the best way to prevent astronomical repair costs at your commercial space is to have your roof check regularly for any signs of leakage.

Professionals recommend checking your commercial roof at least once per month and after any heavy rain, high winds, and hail or snow storms. To accurately identify commercial roofing leaks, use this easy five-step guide of when to do your monthly roof assessments:

  • Are There Puddles After It Rains? Take the time to check out your roof after a heavy rainstorm. If there are puddles or pooling water in areas that’s not a good sign. Once pooling begins, it won’t reverse without addressing the issue. You can avoid costly repairs if you address pooling the minute you see it, so call a professional.
  • Damaged Sealant?Protective sealant is an excellent way to add an extra barrier against storm damage. Damaged sealant is most often not a sign of leaking, but it does put your roof at an increased risk of future damage. If your sealant is worn, have a new coating applied.
  • Damaged Roof Flashing: The joints of your commercial roof are protected by weather-resistant materials, but if the material is torn or damaged, the joints are exposed, making them susceptible to leaking. Check each joint area when during your roof assessment.
  • Bubbles On The Surface Of The Roof:If you see bubbling on the surface of your commercial roof, it means there’s already moisture trapped under the roof’s cover. This weakens your roof’s resistance to rain and wind damage and can lead to major leaking.
  • Tears & Cracks In The Roof:Some commercial property owners ignore visible tears and cracks in their roofs. They think, as long as there’s no water inside the building, everything is fine. If you see damage, you should do something immediately.


To have your roof assessed or serviced, contact the commercial roofing specialists at Dependable Construction today. You can reach them at 937.318.9572.


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