So you are new to our area and you have a roof leak. You haven’t heard of Dependable Construction yet so you’re wondering who you call. Most people don’t have a list of contractors to review when things go bad with your home. For those who have been in their homes for years, may recall a catchy commercials may trigger a name or service to call. Maybe you have had a name branded into your brain from yard signs, service trucks and you brain pops out the roofers name when you need one.  The phone book and Christian Blue Pages has worked for many years but now a huge amount of homeowners use the internet to search  for a roofing contractor, but how do you know if he will be good a roofer?

Let’s say you have found five names of roofers. Our advice to you is to do some homework on each of them. Is Dependable Construction a member of the BBB? Do they have online reviews? If so do the reviews show others have had a pleasant experience in dealing with them? Ask the contractors questions about the way they conduct business, products/material they use, type and length of warranty they offer, always ensure they have general liability insurance. Below are some more questions that can be asked during your appointment with each.

  1. How did the first call go? Was the call pleasant? Was there someone who answered the phone? If not, how long did it take to get a call back? I don’t know about you but I hate leaving a message when I need some assistants. Many roofers work from home and may not have an office staff. Some roofing companies may have an office and warehouse to store materials and to some this means more overhead but to me it means a solid company. Most homeowners won’t mine paying a little more for their service. Was the first impression good or bad? Remember they are there to get as much information about you and the roofing job you want, and book an appointment.
  2. On the day of the appointment was your estimator on time? An estimator that is on time deserves credit for that because that means they respect your time. A phone call should be made even if being a few minutes late. This is a good sign of being organized and how the job timeline should go.
  3. Is the estimator prepared with brochures, examples of jobs like yours? Does he have the correct equipment to look at the roof and provide you an estimate right there and now? Can he provide you with the credential’s to do business like licenses and proof of insurance certificates? Some larger and more difficult jobs may take more visits but most roofers should be able to provide you an estimate while there and review the scope of work. Getting it done in one visit instead of dragging it out for another appointment save you time.
  4. Does the estimator ask for the job? Is he prepared to complete a contract, and get you on their schedule to start the roof? Don’t be offended by this, it is their job to get business for their company. A well prepared and professional roofer will ask for the business.
  5. Are they timely in getting other information you may need or ask for? Sometimes there is some questions that needs research and promising to get back to the customer is an important thing and sign of a good roofer. Does he do that in a timely manner?


So, after asking your roofing contractor these questions and hopefully taking notes, you’ll have a pretty good chance of finding a quality roofing contractor. You can always call Dependable Construction for a free estimate at (937) 318.9572. To learn more about their roofing services & more please visit us on Facebook. You can also view and keep up with the latest jobs we are working on, be sure to like the page.



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